Monday, March 25, 2013

continous of reignite

so i have been thinking a lot today about how i had just left my parents you are not alone blog - literally left it a lone- maybe realizing that marcus was all good and just did not have anything additional to write- but i do - i have lots to write to those parents out there that think that there is no hope for their behaviorally challenged children. there is hope i can assure you- so hang on parents my blog is coming back better then ever- it will have what i wrote previously on there but it will be new and improved

why does the blog to parents mean so much - because God gave me a gift that forever has changed my life- its not just about adopting a child who needs a loving home- it is so much more to that-
its about a child - biological or adoptive - or grandparent raising, and the list goes on, who is given a chance to live whole, complete in who he/she is, behavioral challenges and all.
i took this journey of becoming a mom to give a forever family to a child who did not have one, but i got so much more from this journey then i could ever imagine. time to share that journey and let others know that there is more to the behavior challenges of a child there is hope when there seems to be no hope and more importantly that the life we live we are never living it alone.

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