Tuesday, March 12, 2013


i smile on the inside and sometimes on the outside knowing how far and what we have accomplished- marcus is a pleasure to parent ( yes can you believe i am saying that ) we have come full circle-
he is on the honor roll- has a servants heart- wants to be a student leader in youth and now on his own is is helping to lead the track team with the younger kids.
he has changed his thinking on practice and working hard this year.
he is such a big help at home- and rarely has to be asked to do his chores-

we laugh a lot - a lot a lot-

we enjoy bike riding together ( and now he keeps up with me) we talk a lot - love that he communicates much better. and we have an open line of communication. he writes his feelings down in a journal and shares them with me.

how blessed i am-

he makes me laugh at is craziness ( he gets that from me ....) he is sarcastic just like me and has a heart of compassion-

he is now doing 7th grade math- wow who would have thought- he is reaching into one of his friends life and asking him to church and walks home with him- (he lives behind us)

who would have thought?
God did that's who- he knew the plans he had for Marcus way before ...

                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Kenneth Jensen


Heather Denise said...

I love EVERYTHING about this<3 Marcus is Awesome and you are doing an Amazing job<3 Isn't God perfectt!?:D

Heather Denise said...

He always has a Plan and a Purpose:):)