Friday, December 28, 2012

A few days late

Merry Christmas

sorry have not written not really busy but - so dad came to Christmas at Lori's - so glad you did dad- made my Christmas

the kids were all a flurry with their new kindles or nooks- it is official baby steps for technology in the house- I guess the next investment will be a cheap phone for emergencies-

Marcus and I have been hanging out at the house and today went on an 11 mile bike ride- need to continue with that- however my knee did not like it towards the end so I will have to make sure I take care of it.

Marcus was funny the other day he asked if it was expensive to adopt him- I said nope I got a deal . he thought that was funny. I answer his questions when he has them- sorta makes me a little nervous- but still honest with him- I think I want to protect him from where he came from- I know some of the history and just do not want him exposed to that right now - He knows his biological mom did drugs and he knows that we are unsure of who his biological dad is. He knows that he was born with syphilis and they test his biological mom for drugs when he was born and he also knows he was placed in foster care 3 days later- some of his foster time is a blur and I really know not a whole lot about that. He asks I answer what I know - where did this conversation come from- Idk.

anyway- hoping for a good new year- still praying for God wants-

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