Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 guests today and...

well we had 5 guests today in Kidzone- they were awesome kids and i hope we see them back- which means we would have had to overflow into the hallway if everyone was there today- that is a good problem-
We talked about things we deal with and what the Bible says about it-

Something the kids are loving is Quizarama- we have some smart kids in which they know their Bible- some of the younger ones just buzz in to buzz in and at times know the answer- its awesome to see them retain what they learn.

now the and..

busy months ahead but it will be good- track starts soon and we will be going on vacation and then Marcus will have camps-

then football will start- yes you read it he wants to play football which is fine- i will love watching him play-  will keep you posted

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