Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

we had prayer and pancakes last night and this word is ringing in my heart NOW- what is God going to do NOW- i love that- as i prayed last night for God to speak to my heart about how he wants to use me- he simple said i am- you are being obedient and the support group you are starting is all about bringing people Hope - this will bring hope to the hopeless-this is not my support group but God's to ues me to reach others for Him and to show them there is hope for their children and their family - a rebuilding as Pastor Larry spoke of - I want God to use me to help rebuild families where there is challenges with behaviors- God has surely restored our family in a huge way and so want others to see that.

today was so awesome with Marcus running in his meet dropping over a minute off his time for the 3000 and over 40 sec off his time in the 1500 and 7 sec off in his 800- placing with 2 golds and 1 silver- his 800 brought tears to my eyes as he came from behind to win the race- my mom ( his grannie ) would be so proud- thinking of you this weekend mom- marcus said he ran the races for you- Happy Bday and Mother's Day- you are loved and missed so much!

Dear mom-

i can not see you but in pictures and in memories that are in my mind and on my heart- can not feel you or hear your words unless i close my eyes. i often look at your picture and say i wish you were here to see all the good that has happened to all of us. you would be so proud of all the accomplishments - i can see you smiling. i can sense the conversations we would be having.
thank you mom for believing in us- for supporting us in all we did- for cheering us on- for writing letters on behalf of your crazy single daughter who wants to change the life of a child- well in fact you writing that letter forever changed 2 lives that will never be the same- ever. it has not been quite 2 years since you have been gone- sometimes it seems like forever ago sometimes like yesterday we were sitting and talking on the back porch in Venice.u would be so proud at how your grandkids are doing- and oh my word the things i say to marcus sound just like you (lori does the same thing with ainsley and dakota) so you live on in our actions - and sometime attitudes - you live on in the compassion in our hearts - you live on in the traditions we still carry on- thank u for loving us thank you for who you are- Happy Bday mom and Happy mother's day- you are loved and so very much missed
love michele

Happy Mother's Day- everyone enjoy your day and hold close to your mom's and tell her and your children you love them everyday

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